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 Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader

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Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader Empty
PostSubject: Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader   Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader Icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2007 10:47 pm

*Algorath walks in as never before, his steps seem to crave strength from him under his armor, his right hand forms a fist briefly and thenrelaxes..*

Greetings Exiles.. I was sent here as a Missionary.. To watch over the lands - recruiting the strongest and brightest of young soldiers to fight alongside me against the Scourge, things changed, a series of events led me to believe I was destined to -lead- the Crusade.. And if I believed it, so would the younger recruits.. I fell to my own eagerness and lust and dragged the young hopefuls along with me. Falling to my own misjudgement was not enough though.. Atleast not in -his- eyes, 'he' still saw the Scarlet Crusade as a threat! And 'he' used what the people thought was their redemption to corrupt them further! 'He' took form of my Highlord, Mograine! The Ashbringer... *silence fills the room briefly*

'He' called out to me, told me to Venture into the Dread Citidal known as Naxxramas and to bring the strongest of the soldiers i had under my wing, for the citidal was off guard. As foolish as I was back then, i could not hear the stupidity.. -Naxxramas-.. off guard?! *clenches his hands together, a bright seal surrounds his body*
M-my.. men.. followed me.. to the ends of Azeroth.. As I -made- them plead to me! And of course, 'he' told Kel'thuzad to be wary of an Assault and to increase the capacity of guards.. Every single one of my men died and now serve the Lich in Naxxramas.. Me though, they were not done with me.. They reincarnated me as one of them and sent me back, covered in armor, very few saw through the lack of life residing in me, those who did too fell to the Wrath of the Lich King. After a few months 'he' had me show that i had fallen, to destroy the last shreds of the Scarlet Crusade that i had built and the trust of my friends and family. This attracted much attention. Enough for 'him' to get sick of, so 'he' forced me to rebel, knowing i would fall to the masses of enemies. This path of self destruction went on for quite a while, until one day in Goldshire.. A mere mercenary made me come to my senses.. Briefly:
I had slaughtered a Scholar and a few guards. Then she came, her pitiful blows barely scraped my armor.. This carried on for a while until she fell to her knees, crying her eyes out, she turned her back to me and crawled to her elven friend, the Scholar and began mourning over her loss. This is when i regained control, i took off my helmet and walked over to them, she grabbed her blade once more and i halted and intervened divinely.. Me, "Highlord" Algorath - sacrificing my "life" for a mere scholar. I was in the Twisting Nether for a while, 'his' calls reached me clearer than ever. For what felt like an eternity I was not of this world, until the Arch druid and dear friend of mine, Huntentine brought me back, though i do not trust the Elves and their natural remedies. I owe him my life. With the help of the Caverns of Time, back to when I was just ordered to watch over the lands to the South and nothing in my tale may come along easy. Me, Huntentine and Valalerin went back in time, dozens of Scarlet Crusaders charged into my room where I was packing and ambushed us, after a few waves we had a break and we moved toward the Cathedral to perform the traditional ritual when a scarlet is leaving the Monastery, we made it to the gardens when attacked once more by a single scarlet the one known as Interrogator Vishas, he yelled out "Nasty impure secrets, these men yield!" and a thick wave of Scarlets attacked us, but fell to our devotion. Vishas seemed enraged beyond humanity, he yelled "I will rip the secrets from your flesh" and drew a large, pitch black sword and charged at Valalerin, impressingly Valalerin managed to avoid the Scarlet Interrogators attacks and gave us time to kill him. We proceeded to the Altar as planned, and infront of it a fully armored Scarlet Champion stood in all his might, though a small difference was noticed, the Champion wielded a runeblade, he turned around and stared at me. It felt like infinite blades had struck my chest, i was petrified beyond belief. After a few moments a loud echoing roar was heard. "Scarlet.. Crusader.. Algorath... Your fate in your time is the one you must have to ensure Azeroths Safety! Turn back and return a Death Knight - or face us and disappear in the neverending hourglass of time!" the scarlet champion was devoured by a dark opaque aura, and suddenly sprouted wings and revealed itself as one of the Infinite Lieutenants known as Decadius, Huntentine quickly shapeshifted into a bear to get its attention away from us whilst the past Algorath prayed for a safe journey, after not much time Huntentine was caught by the drakes claw and was badly wounded, i blessed Huntentine and healed his wounds when a Keeper of Time opened up a portal saying our task was done, Decadius did all he could to stop us but we managed to get back into our time. Upon our return to present time I regained my body till back before it was ravaged by 'his' magics, back to the principles and judgement of the True, pure.. Algorath!
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Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader Empty
PostSubject: Re: Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader   Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2007 6:36 pm


Very Nice story I would like to see more o this
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Freedom calls - A plead of Forgiveness from the Crusader
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