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 A contract...

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PostSubject: A contract...   A contract... Icon_minitimeSun Dec 02, 2007 1:42 am

Nagrand. Afternoon. The sun slowly sets behind the mountains hiding the greatest city of the Outlands. Up in the sky, on a deserted floating island with a withering tree, two beings stand. One, a netherdragon, his claws shining under the sun’s last beams, his scales colored like onyx. The dragon looks rather impatiently on the other figure, a tall blue skinned elf, clad in dark leather. The two daggers at his waist tell of his profession. He holds a small piece of paper in his left hand, looking at it with great focus.
The dragon growls slightly, and the rogue lifts his eyes to look at his partner questioningly. They’ve been together for a short time, but they can read each other’s reactions almost like an open book. Almost.

You’ve been looking at this piece of paper for more than an hour, Noctus. What cipher is so hard to solve? Would you like me to try for you? A small smile appears on the dragon’s lips. True to his kind, riddles are one of his favorite hobbies.

It is not a cipher, Archemoros. It is a kind of riddle, but not of those your kind prefers.

The dragon grumbles in disgust.

Not another mad scheme of one of your mortal friends! You can make me go mad with the twists and turns you can give to the most simple of matters. When will you learn that riddles are to be solved, not lived?
A short laughter leaves the rogue’s throat.

Sometimes, you make me think that your wisdom is… impossible for us mortals, dragon. And sometimes, I can’t believe you fail to grasp the plot set right in front of you.

Well, what plot am I missing? Would you care to share this paper with me?

No need to, my friend. To make things simple, here’s what’s in it. Someone wants me to kill two people. They promise me gold and praise. That’s the obvious part.

I cannot see something hidden in all that. Where is your plot?

Ah, you see my friend, you’re missing the greater picture. The first target is Yrjial of the Ashen Order. The second is an open target. Any of the Greywolves.

So? Still no plot.

When Opathu died, a huge power gap was created. Followed by a brutal struggle to cover that gap. The Ashen Order is trying to get its piece from it, and Yrjial is probably involved as a main member of the guild. On the other side, the Greywolves are trying to secure their side of the gap, to protect their people. But! Noone yet knows who bears the responsibility for Opathu’s death. Rumor has it he was betrayed, but the name of the betrayer varies depending on who is delivering the rumor. Now, imagine a “neutral” agent, an Alliance agent, assassinating important members of the sides involved. That would create suspicions among the partakers and cause several groups to unite, and others to clash.

Hm…I knew this would give me a headache from the start. You mortals have too complicated ways to see things.

True, true. And I’m about to perplex them even more! A wicked smile lighted the face of Noctus.

More? Are you insane? I thought you wanted to get to the bottom of this, not make a bigger mess of it!

That’s where you’re wrong. Sometimes, chaos and anarchy can suit one more. Especially, when it’s chaos and anarchy among his enemies…

The sun finally set, and the rogue climbed on his dragon.

Where to? Asked Archemoros.

Where else but the nearest mailbox?! Was the answer he received…

(((OOC:No idea where this will end, I'll keep you guys posted.)))
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Posts : 341
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PostSubject: Re: A contract...   A contract... Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2007 8:28 pm

Two rogues met in the seaside town of Auberdine, on the empty top floor of one of the buildings there. The one was wearing plain leather clothes and a small dagger was bound on his waist. The other was in gladiatorial gear, and the two daggers on his belt glowed with sparkling electricity. A deal was made, a deal to kill an old enemy… and an old friend. Cause even the life of a friend can be bought by money, when rogues are involved… can’t it?

A day later, Leaf woke up in her small cabin with a weird smell in her nose. As she yawned and stretched her petit shoulders, she noticed a closed envelope on the floor next to her bed. Curiosity taking easily the steering wheel, she opened it. In a distinctive elfish style, a few words were written.

“Find me. Tell no one.”

And was signed : “N.N.”
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A contract...
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