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 An Ancient Splinter...

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PostSubject: An Ancient Splinter...   An Ancient Splinter... Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2008 1:36 am

On our recent journey to Naxxramas, we have slain several monsters in the part of the Dread Citadel known as the Spider Wing. After inspecting the corpses of these creatures, we discovered something strange. In the smelling remains of the Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna, we found two splinters of ancient wood. Judging by the material, they have clearly belonged to one and the same artifact, long ago. They were both similar in size, about twice the size of a Human finger, and one of the splinters' shape is smoothe and rounded on one side. It looks as though it has been part of a wand or a staff. For it emitts a strange glow that makes us certain this was not just another twig from a lost tree in this rotten land, or part of a support brace in a cave. This object, whatever it might have been, must have great magical potential.

Even whilst unable to locate the exact origin of this object, various people in the Exiles showed interest in having it and finding out more about this artifact. One thing was certain, that we should attempt to get as many of these splinters as possible and try to unite them. Because we did not know whom to grant the honor and risk of safekeeping these splinters, we chose to let fate decide on the bearer. And either by the power of the gods or the sheer benefit of luck, I was elected.

With these splinters in my backpack I felt anxious; vulnerable. I decided to put them where I store my greatest treasures that are not for daily use: the bank of Ironforge. It will remain there, kept safe by the ancient walls that guard the city. I intend to find a reliable and trustworthy source as soon as possible. Maybe there is one who knows the stories of old, and might tell me more about this lost item...
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An Ancient Splinter... Empty
PostSubject: Re: An Ancient Splinter...   An Ancient Splinter... Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2008 1:51 am

I'v looked into these Splinters.. and i'v spoken with people from the Argent Dawn and reading some books. These Splinters are parts of a staff. But not just any staff.

the Staff of Medvih....The Last Guardian. the Opener of the Dark Portal. The Prophet of Stonetalon Mountain...

He was or is, who know if he is alive or dead... ? but he was one of the greatest spellcaster the world have ever seen

and listen now Dwarf. this staff is above epic this staff is a Legend...
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An Ancient Splinter...
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