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 Moscraciun(Santa Claus) giving his account

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Moscraciun(Santa Claus) giving his account Empty
PostSubject: Moscraciun(Santa Claus) giving his account   Moscraciun(Santa Claus) giving his account Icon_minitimeWed Mar 26, 2008 11:01 am

I wish to give my account to any1 from this guild who wants to play with my warrior (moscraciun lvl 63 warrion tank).

I will not be able to play anymore for about 1-2 months because internet problems.

So if any1 wants to play with my warrior and raise it to level 70 i promise that i will reward that m8 with something very nice.

this is the reward for the lucky Tabard of Frost (http://thottbot.com/i23709)

u can find me at YM : drazvan2003

P.S. also if any1 needs a 60 days prepaid card for the US server let me know

hope i will not be kicked out of the guild for inactivity(ill play only when ill have a time) and sorry if my post is .....
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Moscraciun(Santa Claus) giving his account
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