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 [Short RP Story] A warriors life

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[Short RP Story] A warriors life Empty
PostSubject: [Short RP Story] A warriors life   [Short RP Story] A warriors life Icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2008 7:28 pm

It was dark, gloomy, too quiet for comfort, the white misty clouds exiting my mouth as i breathed; it was cold; my hand clenched to my sword, ready for any unnexpected assualt. Traveling alone in such a plagued land is thought a bad idea in many peons eyes, but to me...it was a challenge! Ofcourse i was prepared, armour repaired, potions brewed by the best alchemist in the city, and ofcourse with my blade sharpened surely nothing could take me! Obviously i was wrong... Here i am again, at my usual plot at the graveyard, i might aswell live here to be honoust. Returned, after my millionth or so ressurection, only to here a feint whisper in my ear... 'Typical warrior'.
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[Short RP Story] A warriors life
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