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 The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!

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PostSubject: The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!   Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:18 am

The Return

*During the Night*
Silence falls as the sound of a heavy creature approaching are heard near
the road. The place looks dark and silent, but the nearby ruins of the once magnificent castle in the Southwest Arathi Highlands radiate a sense of peace. Peace? That word has years to be heard... Its been 5 years since the glorious forces of the Alliance and the Horde together united kept the Burning Legion at bay...but the treaty has been violated...there are clashes everywhere now..but its night and its safe for the time being. The creature seems to be slowing down, but its too dark to identify it. Shouting and explosions can be heard in the background. The Alliance forces under the command of the Commander Paladin Kilkenny* are besieging Tarren Mill... The sky is suddenly filled with light at the sound of a big explosion, he can barely make out the creature... Its an Ellek! Whats an Ellek doing in Arathi? But the figure of the rider is still cloaked in shadows.

The Great Heist!

*2 Miles north*
It was over an hour ago when he had left Southshore. An important document had been stolen from the Stormwind Keep by Horde agents and the Stormwind Intelligence :7 managed to locate it in Tarren Mill. Commander Kilkenny immediatelly grabbed the opportunity to kill more of the enemy and was given command of the Task Force, with orders to secure the documents...

He had just rode past Stormguard Keep. He knew he was close to the path that led to the hidden cove nearby. Some meters ahead he noticed a box of cookies with the container being almost torn apart... Cookies? *laughs*
Nopio is still smuggling cookies on board; good that the boss doesnt know, he said. He could see the path now. He dismounted and left the Ellek to graze at the nearby grass. He followed the path 100meters to the south and came upon some rocks and bushes. He approached the bushes and searched for something. He found and pulled a lever. After some moments the rockss started moving, revealing a secret road. He looked around and without hesitation continued along. He could smell the sea. He soon reached the cove. There were some dockyards there and a ship moored next to them. He immediately recognised it as "Triksy's Pride". It was their HQ. The moonlight gave away his figure; a big man, with strange goat-like legs. What was he? He didnt move, he wanted to check the area first, so he zoomed to the ship using one of his spells. There was a gnome sleeping outside in one of the docks. It was Kazz...his mount was hanging wide open and there were some bottles of wine next to him. Rumor had it that he could blast a target so fast, that he was dead before the flames hit him! Anyway, he didnt want to be seen so he decided to take a walk on the water. Of course he could walk on the water! He was a shaman! He could even fly if he wanted to!
He crossed the water and approached the starboard side. There was an enchanted door there. It could only be seen by those approved by the captain. He carefully opened it and crouched through. He move to the stern to climb up the ladder and noticed a big hole there. It also smelled like cordite...Must be Noctus and his explosive devices, he thought. His cabin was above the cannon floor, where all the officer cabins are. He had to be dead silent in order to walk past Kafiras and Triksys cabins. Those elves always slept lightly and were vigilant all the time. He had almost reached his cabins doorhandle when he heard an awefully scary sound; a crossbow loading...*busted*

-Ok Ok! Dont shoot! Im on your side!

[ OOC: Kilkenny i miss you!!! Nopio, still eating cookies? Noctus teh *kaboom*! Personally i dont like the ending that much... Is the 2nd parts title good? Last exam tomorrow, subject: English rofl. I ll log when im home]
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!   Tue Jun 17, 2008 5:55 pm


Very Happy

i feel so proud being the commander Razz
nice story and dont shoot mahony he has teh totemz!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!   Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:42 am

*Woken by all the noise the gnome quickly hides his precious stash of cookies and brushes the crumbs from his beard. He climbs down from his hammock and wonders across the room.
He opens the door and nearly fall over with glee*

Welcome back little Draenei!
Do you remember my shaman? he is now 70!
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!   Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:12 pm

Kafira put down the battle plans she was pouring over as she heard someone step on the squeaky floorboard outside her door.

Looking down she saw Mika still fast asleep with her dragon friend sleeping next to her singeing the cats fur with every breath out.

"Fat lot of good you are eh" Kafira mumbled as she softly took up her axe and crept to the door.

Silently she walked over to the door and shadowmelded, peering through the gap she looked for the intruder axe wielded and ready to strike the unsuspecting foe ....

"Mahony!" the normally silent elf gasped and grinned a grin of pure malevolence as Mahony turned at the noise. Nodding to the Shaman in greeting Kafira turned on her heel put the axe back down, picked up the battle plans and started to re-write chunks of them
as she heard a gnome like gasp of 'Mahony' from down the hall

The same grin still spread across her face

Nobody knows the age of the human race, but everybody agrees that it is old enough to know better.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!   Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:10 pm

*kazzodlebam lays in his bunk fast asleep. Nothing can stir this hard working gnome after a tough day of murder*
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!   Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:12 pm

Kafira's call out awoke Levathian who was sleeping outside the door resting against his shield under the moonlight after a hard evenings toils at the summit of Mount Hyjal.

Peering through the crack in the door he recognised the familiar face of Mahony walking further into the cabin.

"The blasted draenei walked stright past me!" levathian thought to himself.

Not wanting to disturb mistress Kafira, Levathian slide back down the wall firmly holstering his mace at his side. Taking a last swig of his stale ale he closed his eyes dreaming of coming battles.

A shadow in the night blacking out the moonlight appeared infront of Levathian, he knew it was there but waiting for the right moment he bided his time slowing gripping his mace firmly.

Swinging his shield around him defending himself from potential incoming attacks Levathian let out a mighty shout, however no-one was to be seen. Looking down to his left a new pint of frosty ale was sitting beside him. Levathian stood there in contemplation for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders and sliding back to his usual possition just to the right of the door opening. Quickly glugging down the ale Levathian once again closed his eyes wondering who or what he had seen.

((Welcome back mahony... good to see ya Very Happy))
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!   

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The Return of the Kin...*cough* ME!
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