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 The return of Kilkenny

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PostSubject: The return of Kilkenny   The return of Kilkenny Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 8:26 pm

In the keep of the exiles after the recent trauma of Mahonys return, the band of guild members slept peacefully after the night spent drinking and dancing. A humble figure wandered quietly through the hallways only making a feint clinging noise as his plate armor tapped against itself. He stepped through the doorway and raised his hand, golden light radiated gently outward and what he saw brought a smile to his face. Mahony was lying still with the gnome mage kazzodlebam hugging on to his tale surrounded by empty flasks of ale, nopio was strawn out across the table with cookie crumbs all around him. All his old friends in a drunken sleep that never noticed him as he strolled through towards his own quarters. As he walked past triksys quarters he heard her sleep talking, "mhm look alive monkeyssssss" she mummbled before falling face first off the bed, our stranger was worried for a moment until she started snoring agen and he knew she was alright. Alas he came to his own quarters and silighntly fell into his familiar bed only to hear a strange crunch as he hit the bed, he got up quickly and pulled up the sheets to see a small wooden box labelled "For when you return". Confused he picked up the box and opened it carefully. What he saw made him the happiest since he could remember. Inside layed a CONDOM FOR SEXY TIME YARRRR BITCHES IM BACK!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

i cant RP sorry :<
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PostSubject: Re: The return of Kilkenny   The return of Kilkenny Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 11:28 pm

Hidden in a dark corner,
legs thrown up on a table lying back in her chair Kafira, as always
appeared drunker then she actually was.

Opening one eye and
peered out. Spying the usual scene after a celebration she chuckled
under her breath at the antics that had happened.

Faintly though
she could her a soft tapping....moving closer. She sighed, after
Mahonys surprise return she was worried that maybe someone had followed
him. Then again it could be an Exile back from a late night out slaying

Without moving from her place her body tensed as she got her self ready to jump on the intruder should it be required.

the corner came Kilkenny briefly Kafira almost lost her compose,
another returned Exile? She watched him closer as he surveyed the scene
himself, a small smile spreading across his face. He then moved on to
his quarters.

'Well' she thought to herself as she relaxed back
into the chair and stretched her arm down for the bottle on the floor
'I guess the rumours about him being dead arnt true' she chuckled and
tipped the bottle back, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and
closed her eyes again.

Nobody knows the age of the human race, but everybody agrees that it is old enough to know better.
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The return of Kilkenny Empty
PostSubject: Re: The return of Kilkenny   The return of Kilkenny Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 11:40 pm

Levathian sat wondering what the dark figure he had seen a couple of night previously could have been...

Just then a call could be heard from inside the cabin, and grabbing his mace he made his way inside. Making his way through the hallways he passed Triksy's cabin where she now sat on the floor coughing up the dust that has been distrubed by her fall. With a dazed look and deshreveled hair he smiled at Levathian "G'evening Lubber!!!" she said cheerfully. Levathian let out a small huff of air as if to let out a quick laugh and then continued down the corridor.

Walking through the hallways he waited outside Kilkenny's quarters wondering what the shout could be, debating whethere to check in with the Maesters. However, before he could make the decision a metallic sound as if a sword had been tapped lightly against something solid could be heard from inside Kilkenny's quarters.

Levathian cast Divine Shield and burst through the door, a startled Kilkenny swung his sword crashing against the newly cast spell.

"Kenny!" Levathian called out.... "What the blasted hell are ye' doing trying to give this old man a fright! Good to see ye! Where ye' bin ye' bastard!"

"Good to see you too Levathian." Kenny replied.

The two old friends then sat on the dusty floor retelling tales of the past and those yet to come.

"Perhaps the figure was Kenny...." Levathian thought to himself.

Once again the corridors were silent... all that could be heard were two friends speaking low to one another and Trisky, who had fallen asleep flat on her face, snoring away.
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PostSubject: Re: The return of Kilkenny   The return of Kilkenny Icon_minitime

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The return of Kilkenny
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