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 Blomstenís Hunt

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PostSubject: Blomstenís Hunt   Blomstenís Hunt Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 5:09 pm

Blomsten had been travelling throughout the entire Maelstrom in search for the ultimate seahorse, so that there would be a greater victory in seabattles, as he now had a mount for combat on ground and air. It was one hell of a journey travelling in his little sailorboat, skimming the entire ocean. Stripen was waiting on the Broken Isles, in the hut Blomsten had built in the centre of his camp. It was rough times for both of them, with all the undeads coming out from Tomb of Sargeras, and the fact that Blomsten spent most of his time on sea, leaving Stripen, his white and wild kitten alone to face the ancient horrors who still made a threat to the face of the earth, but he was well-trained. Throughout several raids on dangerous creatures with The Exiles, he knew exactly what he was supposed to do, when to do it, and how to do it. He knew his part in this world.

Blomsten had been gone from The Exiles a long time now, and he felt alone and restless, like if he were in exile from The rest of the guild, and with no luck in getting this famed fictional creature, or atleast that was what he started to belive, that it was all made up by a silly old elf, he felt like going home to Azeroth.
ďIt sounded so right, and god damn, he was convincing.Ē
Blomsten snickered.
ďWater isnít really my thing anyway.Ē
He sat his sails to the east and with a howl from the wind he was on his way to pick up his pet, before going back to Eastern Kingdom and Arathi Highland to check in on the crew of the pirateship which his room hopefully was standing ready.
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Blomstenís Hunt
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