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 A note in Darnassian...

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A note in Darnassian... Empty
PostSubject: A note in Darnassian...   A note in Darnassian... Icon_minitimeThu Oct 11, 2007 2:50 am

On the desk in the cabin of Grand Maester Hiddenshadow lies a dark finely decorated and exoticly, sweet - yet damp - scented envelope with the name Falren written on it. Inside you'll find an equally dark note with beautiful silver hadwriting that says the following:

Dear Falren,

This is not my strongest side. Writing down feelings and such. I've not been a member for very long, but I've... felt... like one of you much faster than I thought I would. I never really thought I would at all to be honest. Considering my... ways.

The reason why I write to you is that I am needed elsewhere. I always go where I am needed. Except for my joining the exiles - that was for not having anywhere else to go, and you took me in. I am in your debt for that. Nothing sexual though, sorry.

To the point. I once was needed and now I am again. They are called the Silverwing Outrunners.

I asked the little green-haired one if she wanted to come with me. She refused and started to cry and became all dramatic about it, so I just gave her a reluctant hug and left. I then started writing this letter. When you've read this letter I will probably be an Outrunner.

I hope you like the fragrance, I made it myself... the ingrediences won't be revealed, but it is very personal.

Track you later.

Yours untruthfully,
Adora Blackwood

A tabard of The Exiles is folded neatly over the back of the chair.

((Basically, I'm going to join SwO with Adora... regretably didn't really do much with her in The Exiles. Got a shot at helping out a bit in SwO and I'm going to take it.

Leaf is still here, faithful as ever. Wink

So, I'll just see you around. ))
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A note in Darnassian...
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