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 This is the end

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PostSubject: This is the end   This is the end Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 9:31 pm

*The End, by the Doors begins to play*

Ive been playing wow for more than a year now. I started with some good IRL mates ( a priest, a mage, a rogue and a warlock), most former CS players, and we kept together untill all of us were 70. It was the best fun Ive had in a game. Everyone was new to the game, and it really felt like an adventure going to DM the first time, which I tanked and continued to do so until present day.

Then we all hit 70, there was much rejoice. We could start getting epix and try and get on the best guild on the server. We all joined a small casual guild that was venturing in kara. It was good for some time as we were still together and the people from that guild were nice too.
Then it begin to happen. My mage friend had to leave due to IRL issues. She will never come back to wow. The rogue got into pvp and eventually got bored of it and stopped playing too.

I was fine tough, was the 2nd best tank from the guild and got to see plenty of action. It still felt like I was achieving something. Eventually I tanked curator when we downed him for the first time, thing that our warrior MT could not. He didnt like it. His reaction was the first ever sign I saw of with how much seriousness some people take wow. He left the guild, and many guildies with him. My GL supported me tough, and we cleared kara shortly after with me as MT.

Then my lock friend began dating, he also quit.

We were starting on gruul. We strugled on high king. WE strugled for weeks. The raid was like 12 people geared from kara and 13 people with greens and quest blues. My priest mate eventually got tired and moved on to a better guild on another server with much portuguese people. I was now alone. Neutral
I eventually wanted to see some progress too, and Senuseret suggested for me to try and get into the Exiles. I did so and surprisingly for me, I got in.

I was kinda intimidated as you guys were already trying vashj and I had little experience on 25mans. I got to main tank magtheridon for the first time I raided with you, and it really felt great. I eventually steped on SSC and TK too.

I stopped playing for a while because college exams were coming. I did not play for 4 months. I got surprised for how much free time I got by simply not playing wow.

I've been a gamer since the SNES. I always enjoyed gaming. When I got into wow, I stopped playing other games at all. It was not until I gave wow a break, and played some PS3 that I realised how much fun gaming was again. I was not enjoying wow at all, I was just addicted.

I now returned as I have too much free time in my hands.
I realise now that wow is nothing more than an endless grindfest. What really makes wow awesome is the community. What made me addicted was the fact that Im ambicious as hell so I wanted to be the best paladin tank on the server. But the truth is, no one can be the best on wow, theres new content every few months!

I now realise I was being foolish. And by realising that, I dont have the drive to play wow anymore. WoW feels too much like work now.

BUUUT... at least I got into the best guild on the server Very Happy

I wish you guys the best and to continue the good work. Hidden and Rose specially have my thanks as they supported me even when I made some noobish mistakes at the be beginning Cool Ill check on the forums from time to time to check how are you doing.

Ill continue to play, mostly on my alts until this month's subscription runs out. Then Ill stop and only consider ever coming back some months after WotlK comes out. I still am a nerd for wow lore so I want to see it.
Im also thinking on giving my account to a friend, but ill definitely tell you guys if I do that.

Goodbye WoW and Exiles and thanks to:

Hiddenshadow - the both tolerant and crazy GL. Dont worry Ill keep out of the IRL aoe aka sneezes and such. Best GL I have ever had.

Rosealie - for being the most awesome female dwarf ever! Also, kinda my mentor.

Triksy - for having over 9000 alts. And Ill always see her as best tank in the guild.

Michaelsan - I entered the guild at the same time as Michael, and we were promoted to might at the same time. I kinda see him as a brother in arms.

Kilkenny - for spamming the raid for WF. And for showing me that retris are viable.

Savoy - for being a drunk priest.

Senuseret - for being a good friend.

Houdloom - for bashing pala tanks and for being a crazy mofo. Also a friend.


You die!
TL;DR version:
Im quiting wow, kthxbye.

PS: I just realized after posting that this is the RP forums, oh crap. If I have the time Ill turn all of this more rp-ish lol
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This is the end Empty
PostSubject: Re: This is the end   This is the end Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 10:52 pm

Was nice playing with you and take care mate. Good luck with whatever you end up doing you were a top paladin!
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PostSubject: Re: This is the end   This is the end Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 2:04 am

Have fun and take care Raden, you was always the dream paladin tank Very Happy
cya soon
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PostSubject: Re: This is the end   This is the end Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 5:04 am

The day i get accepted into the same guild as you, you decide to leave and never return.. i will miss you old friend! Goodbye Raden,
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PostSubject: Re: This is the end   This is the end Icon_minitime

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This is the end
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