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 Return of a Friend

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PostSubject: Return of a Friend   Return of a Friend Icon_minitimeSat Sep 27, 2008 6:09 pm

Lighting pierced through the night sky, The plains of Arathi were windswept as violent winds whipped through the land, but there was no rain, just a lingering feeling of an unseen danger looming in the near future.

There was a rider within these fields, which when one thinks about it, it is not an unusual sight, they are always messengers riding between Refuge Pointe and South Shore. But this rider was no plain messenger that much would be clear to any who could see him, for a warm, glowing light seemed to be issuing from the rider and his stead, a glowing light in the darkness to come...

Darec the Paladin was finally returning home to his Brothers in arms of The Exiles.

He saw the keep of The Exiles, he watched as it grew in size as he was getting closer and memories flooded his mind of when he first joined the ranks of The Exiles almost a year ago, and all the victories he and his fellow heroes have had against the forces of evil, they even went back in time to defeat Archimonde the Defiler and save the world, though by the looks of it even if you save the world from one evil being there is always some one else to take their place, it seems that the fighting will never end.

And that is why Darec has returned, to fight along side his friends and to the save the world... again.

He finally reached the two huge wooden doors that led to the inside of the keep and he thought to himself "Hmm I might aswell make a grand entrance" and with that thought he kicked both doors open and stormed into the great hall yelling " I'M BACK !!!".

He instantly regretted going for such a loud entrance... Every one was pointing some sort of weapon at him, there were wands, swords, hammers, axes, arrows, and he even saw a Gnomish Poultryizer. Without thinking Darec casted Divine Shield and started to activated his hearth stone, for a brief moment he saw weapons and spells hit the the magical shield to no effect (the poultryizer backfired onto the gnome wielding it) and then he was teleported to his favorite inn in Booty Bay. "Dam" Darec said to himself "I just wanted to suprise them with my Tauren Halloween costume", he sighed to him self, took off his costume and dumped it on a nearby bed and strolled over to the bar and greeted the bartender "Yarrr matey I be needing a bottle of ya strongest rum", Darec started drinking and thought to himself, "Ah no place like home"

((Finally got internet in the house where i'm staying in the uk :-D))

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PostSubject: Re: Return of a Friend   Return of a Friend Icon_minitimeSat Sep 27, 2008 6:39 pm

It was an ordinary evening, most of the peopl were out for business.
Then for some reason the elements were uneasy. Mahony had never seen them act like this before, so he decided to consult the ancient shamanistic manuscripts kept within the safe walls of the Keep's Library.

Then something amazing happened, as he was walking past other Exiles in the main hall the Keep's huge wooden door blasted open, taking everyone by surprise. Everyone rushed down the hall, weapons drawn, spell being already incited.

Not even Prof. Boom Boom Gadgeteer ((thats leaf)) could explain how a Tauren had evaded all the defensive mechaninsms and broken into the keep!
The creature had yelled something, but noone realy understood what it said.
Without any doubt Mahony clinged his weapons and started swinging them, spells were also on their way to the poor tauren. Suddenly there was a loud crack and a wall of holy power had intervened between the tauren and the exiles. In a matter of seconds the Tauren had vanished, while everyone was watching in amazement! Only the poultryized gnome was shouting for help.

Mahony went to the library and translated the elements' strange actings that had happened earlier. The message he finally got was unclear..."a friend in disguise"...

(( Nice to have you back Darec! Btw, The Exiles are living on a ship, thats also in the arathi, in that secret cove. The Keep is my house, you know, i had invited them to come over earlier xD xD. Lots of things have changed since you left, ppl left, more ppl left, others changed server, but we're still holding our ground! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Return of a Friend   Return of a Friend Icon_minitimeSat Sep 27, 2008 8:48 pm

(( I would make some sort of RP reply but I'm a bit tired atm, welcome back mate! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Return of a Friend   Return of a Friend Icon_minitime

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Return of a Friend
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