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 Beware the Cake-seller

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PostSubject: Beware the Cake-seller   Beware the Cake-seller Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2009 6:26 am

Telless was showing her friend Kharina around the city of Dalaran. It was the first time Kharina had ventured this far north, and as an Arcane Scholar, she was impressed. The bustling city life, the soaring towers, the peaceful parks and the busy shops.

As the pair approached the Bank of Dalaran, with its piled glittering treasures, Kharina noticed a stall by the roadside. She changed direction, waving cheerfully to Aimee, the stallholder.

"what do you sell here, young maid!" called Kharina.

Telless, who had been distracted by a giant male Tauren wearing what appeared to be a [Lovely Black Dress], looked around urgently, but it was too late.

"Those cakes look yummy! Mmm, yes, that chocolate one!"

Telless frantically waved and gestured at her friend. Don't do it!

"Ooh yes, a [Big Berry Pie]! That will be scrumptious!"

Telless groaned with despair, putting her face into her hands.

"Mmm, thanks, I know my friend will..." Kharina finally noticed the expression of horror on her companion's face. Telless quickly waved a familiar hullo to Aimee, then hustled her friend away.

"Whats wrong?" said Kharina. "why the horrified look?"

"Because... well, put it this way. That cake may look lovely, but every day on my way to the bank, I sell that woman all sorts of mouldy undead flesh, animal hooves, mangy fur, you wouldn't believe. Basically, she takes all the crap that I don't want that I've picked up in my one-woman crusade to wipe out the wildlife and population of Northrend. And its not just me, I've seen hundreds of adventurers and heroes stop off at that stall on their way to the bank."

"What... you mean... "


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PostSubject: Re: Beware the Cake-seller   Beware the Cake-seller Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2009 3:14 pm

Lovely and sooo true! Mags sells all the stuff she doesnt need to the fruit vendor, beware!!
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Beware the Cake-seller
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