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 Endure the Unrepentant

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PostSubject: Endure the Unrepentant   Endure the Unrepentant Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2009 8:55 am

‘I was born on the Exodar while my parents fled from their doomed homeworld and their Eredar heritage. Pitiful weaklings, they and my brother died in the crash while I and my two younger sisters survived. The wounds I sustained were healed by the new Shamans amongst my people, and I was impressed by their powers. The elder of my sisters and I followed the path of the elements, while my childish younger sibling preferred to chase after stags with a crossbow and her pathetic pets. After recovering from the crash, I and my sisters traveled throughout the Elven lands of Northern Kalimdor. We travelled extensively around Darkshore, Darnassus and Astranaar, admiring the power and achievements of the fallen Highborne civilization, and despising its modern-day counterpart for its modesty. We travelled together, working and fighting side by side as we built our skills, until the fortunes of war and venture took us to Desolace. There we came upon the Centaur peoples. My dull-witted sister Telless sided with the wretched Gelkis in the Centaur wars, whereas Tellandra and I chose to side with the Magram. Of course, my true interest was in accessing the fabled powers of Mauradon, and so when I discovered the Magram were just as flea-bitten and mangy as the other wretched horse-men, and that their high temple was simply some crystal-lit tomb of mediocrity, I abandoned Tellandra and traveled through the burning glade to the Barrens alone.

There, after some skirmishes with the local Horde, I made my way to the heights of Dreadmist peak, to learn the ways of the demon worshipping coven that dwelt there. Their powers were greater than mine, with none of the reliance on the elements that the Shamanic path had required. I abandoned my elemental studies, and attempted the path of the Warlock. However, my kind are not gifted with power over demons, and I had no wish to join the pitiful Broken, destroyed and at the whim of demonic forces. Though my body remained youthful and unmarked from my experiments, my soul was deeply scarred and I developed an insatiable hunger and an uncaring ruthlessness I was unaware of before.

Amongst the coven there was much whispering of the growing power of Arthas in the far north, and I decided he was the one to seek. I began to hear jeering whispers in my mind, and I knew that I must gain his respect before he would accept me. Nothing but an atrocity of blood would suffice. At around this time I received a letter from my naïve sister Tellandra, who had also become disillusioned with the Centaurs and returned to Darkshore. There she wanted us to meet, me and my two sisters. A perfect opportunity. I would sacrifice my remaining family in an orgy of bloodletting. Not the culling of Stratholme, perhaps, but a deeper cutting of ties. I replied, agreeing to meet them at the glowing red crystal to the East of that land.

The foolish girl. She had no inkling of my path. Telless, though, she knew the moment we met. Perhaps she saw the darkness in my eyes. Fool that Tellandra is, she didn’t realize that I sought to slay them both as a token of my will. My bitch sister Telless ruined that plan though, having grown in power more than I anticipated. Thwarted and wounded, horribly burned by her lightning, and having lost all but my most basic healing power, I fled.

Entertainingly, I discovered later that ‘Andra blamed Telless for my foiled attack, and any hope of repairing their earlier rift, over the centaurs, was destroyed. I hear from the whispers that they have remained sundered ever since. Good. The huntress will not know what is coming, and I shall show Telless her younger sister’s severed head before I take the light from her eyes.

I staggered north, and although badly injured and burned, through sheer will made my way to the Northern coast of Darkshore. There I murdered an Elven fisherman and stole his boat, sailing it North across the ocean to land in the Borean Tundra. When I landed on that harsh shore, many, many moons before the humans and other colonists arrived, I was more dead than alive, but despite that I made my way over many weeks to Icecrown, where I was taken prisoner by the Lich King’s Vrykrul forces.

They tested me hard… ohhhh, how they tested me. They burned me, broke me, and carved runes into my skin. But I bore the pain, the torture and the fires of agony. And even though I succumbed eventually to the ravages they inflicted upon my body, I endured even through death, and was reborn more powerful than ever. The Lich King remade my body, tying the sinew and muscle together more powerfully than mere mortal flesh. My beauty was restored, the better to seduce and torment his enemies. And in recognition of my steadfastness he named me Endure, one of his Legion of Death Knights.

My training was arduous, but I succeeded, fighting hard to rise above the others, and was chosen to join the forward army invading the shattered Eastern Kingdoms. I followed Naxxramas to the ruins of the kingdom of Lordaeron as part of the second Scourge invasion, and I fought my part in the capture of New Avalon and Havenshire and the battle of Light’s Hope chapel.

That… that was my hardest day.

We should have prevailed. I watched with dismay as our so-called commander surrendered our forces. I screamed my disbelief – why would we betray our master, just because he had used us as sacrificial pawns. Was that not his right? What did those petty fools expect? At the confrontation I stood shoulder to shoulder with the Lich King, and when he retreated, vanishing from the Plaguelands I stood ready to fight alone if necessary to cover his retreat.

They took me, with other death knights, before the human king, and I spat in his face and swore vengeance on the guards who jeered from the streets. I would have died again to take his life, but a familiar, hollow voice spoke to me as I reached for my blade: ‘the time is not now’. Still, I did not kneel, but the fools thought my silence was acquiescence enough.

Once we left the audience chamber, I rapidly abandoned my weak former comrades and headed alone into the dark alleys of Stormwind. My Lord spoke to me, and commanded that I should gain the trust of the foolish allies, the better to strike them later.

I stripped off my dark armour, and instead donned some old rags I liberated from a drunkard with a knife to his heart. I fashioned goggles, the better to cover the unholy light from my eyes. My voice I would explain as a spell, cast to replace vocal cords destroyed in an ancient mishap. Most alliance folk know little enough of our people – it would suffice as an explanation. Before the sun rose on the second day of my new life, I had assembled my disguise.

Once again I was Tellanni, this time a stripling warrior, fresh off the Exodar. Since that time I have lived this life, disguised, amongst those with not one tenth of my powers.

I travel the lands of elves, dwarves and men, helping the helpless, earning my keep. Always gaining in respect and appreciation amongst my unknowing enemies. Occasionally I sate my lusts for passion and blood on some helpless commoner, always concealing the bodies or, when the mood takes me, framing some witless innocent for the crime.

From time to time someone realizes my true nature. When it occurs, I enjoy revealing myself in all my unholy glory, revealing the Lich King’s Power as it courses through me. Either they die immediately on the icy steel of Endure’s witchblade, or, perhaps, if they beg, they may accompany Tellanni awhile as a vassal. I assist them in their tasks, corrupting their souls and leeching their experience, and they help me build my relations and reputation with the Allied forces. Eventually, when they have served their purpose, they die unsuspecting on the twin blades of Tellanni. They may be a part of a disguise, but their steel is as sharp and deadly as any.

One day I shall strike, but I think it will not be soon. I can wait. I can Endure.’

OOC - I'm playing an unreformed DK occasionally now doing low level missions for Alliance rep with no intention of leveling her - its kind of a fun way to rediscover the low level areas and missions. If you want a bit of fun RP round the starting zones keep an eye out for me...
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Endure the Unrepentant
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