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 Guild Ranks

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PostSubject: Guild Ranks   Guild Ranks Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 1:49 am

Grand Maester

The leader of the guild and ultimate authority figure, all final decisions relating to guild matters falls to the ground master.

Current Position Holder: Hiddenshadow

Guild Seneschal

The executive steward of the guild, deals with the day to day running of guild resources and is responsible for setting up the larger guild events (such as the 25man raids or guild meetings). Can be assumed to speak with the voice of the Grand Maester on all matters.

Current Position Holder: Kafira


The guild High Council, the Maesters each oversee particular areas of responsibility and can be assumed to speak with the voice of the Grand Maester in there area's of expertise.

Current Positions

(Tank) Maester of Guardians: Dladian
(Healing)Maester of Clerics: Marrius
(DPS) Maester of Battle: -
Warlock Maester: Tarquin
Hunter Maester: Kafira
Paladin Maester: Rosealie
Shaman Maester: Mahony
Druid Maester: Merci
Rogue Maester: Mixxy (semi-present)
Priest Maester: Kersher (absent)
Mage Maester: -
Warrior Maester: -
Maester of Finance (Banking): Elphina

Honorific Maesters

First Warlock Maester: Razgriz (absent)
First Rogue Maester: Torkil / Torkbeard (present)
First Mage Maester: Cloudabo (absent)
Maester of Mooching: Asher / Shaegos / Kayden (present)
Maester of Melee Island: Deadben / Nastasha (present)


Commanders are also considered officer level members, they are given responsibility of running the 10 man raids and acting as a place to seek advice should the respective class leaders not be available, also they act as a middle ground should a problem arise that you wish addressed but do not want to bring forward to the guild maesters yourself.

They are also trusted long term members who have access to withdrawing from the guild bank and may take on other responsibilities based upon the needs of the guild and there own strengths. (also alts of Maesters tend to be commander rank).

Current Position Holders

Invisible the Unseen: 10 man raids ZA and Kara, deputy priest leader (priest leader defacto in kershers abscence)

Triksy the Pirate Queen: 10 man Kara raids, guild cheerleader, agony aunt.

Might of The Exiles

The Might are the guilds heros, the ones who stand up as an army against the darkness (raiders). Might level players have proven themselves capable and dedicated to the PvE aspect of the game, members who hold this rank are expected to use PvE orientated talent builds during raids and ensure they have full access to all types of consumables they may need. Raiding is subsidized by the guild bank so there is no excuse to slack here. Might is the rank needed to presign for raids. Might cannot withdraw from the guild bank but the guild bank will pay for repairs during progressive raids.

The Black Watch

The Black Watch are the guilds special operations team, they are people who prefer to get there hands dirty murdering horde instead of rampaging across the multiverse chasing down dangerous criminals and demons. Members of the Black Watch are PvP orientated players who spend most there time in battlegrounds or arenaing, it is possible to gain a title within the Black Watch which shows you are capable of performing to standard within a 25man raid, if you have such a title you may prebook for raids as if you where Might however you are still expected to turn up specced and prepared as any other member of the team should you choose to participate. The Black Watch cannot withdraw from the guild bank.

The Fallen

The Fallen are a sub-guild of Draeni gangstars who work for The Exiles, due to Hiddenshadows intense racism towards the Draeni race he refused to let any join the guild, as such a sub guild was set up ruled over by Don Ithiqua the Drug Barren of The Deep Run Tram, with his representative to the Exiles Shaegos the Maester Moocher.

Fallen can gain Might rank privalges in a similar way to Black Watch members through the earning of a title. Until such a time they are similar to the academy.

The Academy

The Academy is generally where people who have yet to find there feet in the guild, normally either new members who have just been promoted from initiate level and don't know which rank they wish to go on to join, or people who have yet to fulfill there true potential (i.e. are not max level). Academy members cannot presign for raids, they can speak in guild chat but they cannot withdraw from the guild bank.


Initiates are either new members of the guild who have yet to agree to our rules, or old members of the guild who are being punished for not obeying the rules. Initiates cannot speak in guild chat, prebook for raids, use the guild bank at all, or aquire raid points.
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Guild Ranks
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